Vape accessoriess

Venty Silicon Universal adapter



14mm/18mm universal

clean Metal airpath

100% perfect connection with Vnety

Fooddegreen Silicon no taste no smell.

for the full video review pls follow our youtube channel , thanks!

Venty Silicon Universal adapter, this is new design adapter and we all love it.. with inside metal tube , the vapor will not tuch too mush silcon part. so you can inhale it more smoothly. no much silicon staste, and much more clean.

it was unviersal , so it fit 10mm / 14mm /18mm female joint, so you can enjoy your venty session with most water piece. and i am sure, you will love it. and here we also could tell you. that silicon was food degreen. so no worry about it,

what we try to do is offer the best Venty accessoriess and boose your vape experience. and all now available now.

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